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A Dash of Colour

Creating black & white photos with partial colours is something that I never attempted before so I thought I take a shot at it. The technique is very popular amongst photographers as it helps emphasise a certain subject in a photo. In my very first attempt, I decided to use this photo and make the falling leaves the subject of emphasis.

Black & White Photo with Partial Colours Original Photo

Not bad for a first-timer right? :)

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A New Logo for Photoshop?

Been bugging me all week, but take a good look at this logo and tell me what popular graphic editing software you think it belongs to:

What on Earth could this be?

OK, so I gave it away with the heading of this post, but yes, it is the new logo for Photoshop, or to be more precise, the Photoshop family of products. Note I said: ‘Photoshop family of products’, as in Photoshop CS3, Photoshop CS3 Extended, Photoshop Lightroom, etc. The logos for each have been left untouched thankfully.

To tell you the truth, I think it’s pretty terrible. What does a speech bubble, or a speech bubble with a hole in it I should say, have to do with any of the Photoshop products? Being a Mac user, I thought it was the new icon for iChat at first so I was pretty surprised to learn it was going to be used to brand the entire Photoshop range.

A lack of focus and indecision on Adobe’s part?


Long Overdue

As you can see, Version 5 of Euphoric Realms is finally up after almost two months of practically visiting a ‘dead’ website (if I still have any visitors that is). I apologise for the wait but many factors have contributed to the cause of this delay.

You probably thinking: “Great, he’s probably going to give us the lame excuse of work and having a busy lifestyle again”, which unfortunately I have to say is still true. But there is one other major factor that in a sense set me back to the stone age metaphorically speaking. You see, the external hard drive that contained all of my work suddenly died in the middle of a scheduled backup which in turn corrupted the backup disk as well. Talk about bad luck. As you would have probably guessed, I pretty much lost all the important files used in my personal websites. Sure, I still have the HTML/PHP, CSS and JPG/GIF files on the web server but things like PSDs, FLAs, any other files I need to edit graphical content are gone. Luckily I keep a separate backup disk for my Freelance work so I was able to save those.

So yeah, I pretty much had to start from scratch in getting Version 5 up and running, hence the 2 months wait. As you can see, I pretty much got everything to look as close to the original preview as possible. Luckily I got a screenshot right? Anyways, I’ll be working out some of the colours for various items in the next day or two.

Oh and a big friendly reminder to backup your important files regularly and try to keep separate copies of the backup incase something goes wrong with one. I’ve learnt my lesson. :)


Sneak Peek V.5

To show you how committed I am in getting this site back in order, here’s a sneak peek at the new layout I am currently working on:

Version 5 Preview

I’m still working on a few things such as trying out different colour schemes and seeing what I can do with the actual layout of the contents. Unfortunately with me juggling work and my personal life, don’t expect this version to go live within the next few days. I just wanted to show you that I have been squeezing some time to work on this site into my hectic schedule. :)


Back For Now?

Yes, I know I broke my promise of keeping this site up and running forever, rather than having it succumb like my other ‘dead’ sites. So I’m going to see if I can kick start this site once more. However, with a few changes…

For starters: I will now only necessarily write something in the Journal section if I believe it should be worth a mention. Looking back on all my old entries, it’s amazing at some of the stuff I bothered to write, simple for the sake of making the site look ‘alive’. So no more entries of me saying I bought such and such item or I almost have the money to buy a new car or anything like that, since I know you probably don’t want to hear about it. What are some things you probably want to hear about? Honestly I don’t know. I guess I’ll see what comes up down the road.

I’ll also be uploading some of my new Stock Images soon and will be back in the process of creating wallpapers once more. I’ll be spending most of my energy into this section and will be hoping to add more various items to the tray.

In the mean time, I am now in the process of deleting all the spam that’s been posted in the comments which is taking quite a while. Need to see what version of WordPress is up to since I haven’t updated it since the beginning of 2006.

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