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Archive for February, 2006

Broken iPod

It’s official. My iPod mini, which I had for almost two years, is dead. The internal batteries no longer wants to be charged, and no power means no music. I’m suprised that it actually lasted this long since I’ve heard that a lot of iPods only last for a little more than a year, and either have to be sent in for repairs or a new one have to be purchased.

So, where does this leave me? I guess I could buy the new iPod (aka iPod video) but that’s been out for quite a while now and knowing Apple, a new model is around the corner. There’s nothing worse than buying a piece of technology, only for a newer one to be released a week or two later. So I’m sure I can manage without an MP3 player for now, at least until the new generation iPods get released…whenever that is. :P

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Knew I Forgot To Do Something…

And that is to make a backup of every mySQL databases attached to my hosting account on a weekly basis, especially the one used for this journal. And look what happens…the journal’s database has been deleted for some odd reason (believe me, I am looking into this matter). Unfortunately the last backup I had was on New Year’s Eve so all the entries, sidenotes and comments made since then are now gone. :(

Well, not like I’ve made much anyways, as some of my regulars (although chances are, they’re no longer my regs) probably know. :P

Luckily all the other databases still exists. Now, to start backing up…

Oh and a big thank you to Ray-kun to letting me know about this problem. I honestly didn’t even know that my journal wasn’t working until she emailed me about it.

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