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Long Overdue

As you can see, Version 5 of Euphoric Realms is finally up after almost two months of practically visiting a ‘dead’ website (if I still have any visitors that is). I apologise for the wait but many factors have contributed to the cause of this delay.

You probably thinking: “Great, he’s probably going to give us the lame excuse of work and having a busy lifestyle again”, which unfortunately I have to say is still true. But there is one other major factor that in a sense set me back to the stone age metaphorically speaking. You see, the external hard drive that contained all of my work suddenly died in the middle of a scheduled backup which in turn corrupted the backup disk as well. Talk about bad luck. As you would have probably guessed, I pretty much lost all the important files used in my personal websites. Sure, I still have the HTML/PHP, CSS and JPG/GIF files on the web server but things like PSDs, FLAs, any other files I need to edit graphical content are gone. Luckily I keep a separate backup disk for my Freelance work so I was able to save those.

So yeah, I pretty much had to start from scratch in getting Version 5 up and running, hence the 2 months wait. As you can see, I pretty much got everything to look as close to the original preview as possible. Luckily I got a screenshot right? Anyways, I’ll be working out some of the colours for various items in the next day or two.

Oh and a big friendly reminder to backup your important files regularly and try to keep separate copies of the backup incase something goes wrong with one. I’ve learnt my lesson. :)

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