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A Dash of Colour

Creating black & white photos with partial colours is something that I never attempted before so I thought I take a shot at it. The technique is very popular amongst photographers as it helps emphasise a certain subject in a photo. In my very first attempt, I decided to use this photo and make the falling leaves the subject of emphasis.

Black & White Photo with Partial Colours Original Photo

Not bad for a first-timer right? :)

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Scratch Off, Zoom In

As you know, I recently closed down kewl_ray’s illustrations but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve stopped doing artworks. Here’s my latest one, created using Photoshop CS…a DJ Turntable.:

View artwork

And of course, you can see the rest of my artwork over at kewl_ray’s illustrations.

Anyways, made a visit to the Motor Show yesterday. It was the last day of the event so I had to go. Out of all the cars I saw there, the one I wouldn’t mind driving around is the Holden EFIJY concept car:

View photo View photo View photo

Now this is what I called old school! Of course, since it’s only a concept car, chances are we won’t be seeing anything like this on the production line…at least for quite a while. :-(

EDIT: Added more photos of the Holden Efijy.

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